About Wendrie Heywood

A life long Quaker, I've been involved in Wardening and building management for all of my professional life. I am a seasoned office manager and executor of projects, working with Trustees or a committee to clarify goals and ensure that these goals come to fruition. I run workshops, provide consultancy services and currently manage the room hiring businesses for several meeting house remotely.

Tutorial Creating Albums & Books

2012 09 01 bare textured coverMini Albums and Books Tutorial

This is a type of simple book or album I teach in classes. I’m often asked how I make these, so thought I’d do a brief tutorial.

You can use the same technique and vary the binding – here I’ve used book rings, but ribbons, cable ties or similar will work too.

2012 09 01 hole templateFirst I cut the covers and all of my pages to size and decide where the binding holes should go. This is 6″square.

I’ve used a cardboard food box as a base – the covers are cut from the front and back.

Next cut down the side of the box, there is a crease – which you can bend over the edge to ensure it is all level. Clamp at either end to hold it all securely.

Now make the holes – using a standard hole punch, Crop-o-dile, paper drill, or old fashioned anywhere hole punch and hammer.

If your pages aren’t all square or the same size, or there are too many for your hole making technique than do them in batches.

When I create mini albums for Life Artistry I always include some pocket pages or flaps for hidden journalling.

The template means you can ensure the holes are the same. For security give each page or tag two holes.

I used to keep these templates, but now just remake new each time.

Decorating Details

2012 09 02 cover with rings

  • My covers are embossed grungeboard, misted and inked plus metallic rub ons, backed with distress inked cardboard box pieces.
  • I’ve edged them with washi tape for extra strength and to neaten the edges.
  • I’ve used book rings for easy page removal, but may well change to ribbon binding later.
  • The best binding depends on the width of the finished album of course!

Preparing Foundations

2012 09 02 LO first pages foundationsHere I’ve created a book using 6×6 papers (and cut down 12×12 papers) with a double page spread for each lesson in a class.

I prepare foundation pages to make it easy to create – you can always cover the entire page if it doesn’t suit the photos etc. you want to include.

Looking forward to decorating and adding to each page, as I work through the lessons.

  • Hope you find this useful – if you have any questions leave a comment or email me.

Life Artistry Sample Album

2013 06 LA sample albumStarted doing ‘a day in the life’ type recording when our family started homeschooling in 1995 – always love those glimpses into our life way back when.

Back in 2011 I took part in Ali Edwards‘ Week in the Life, carefully kept all the records,  intending to make a mini album as a sample during my 2012 Life Artistry class taught at Woodbrooke.

I love these little Sizzix albums, they are definitely my most used dies. If only because I’ve used them for this class, and others for the last few years 😉

The pages are just over 4×4, the covers slightly larger and cut from cereal boxes. Skinnier or shorter pages make nice flaps for titles or extra journalling or photos.

IMG_6061I like the look of bits sticking out, figuring it makes you want to pick them up and explore the insides.

Had a list of techniques I needed to include – as they’re in the Life Artistry handouts, and enjoyed working on it during the weekend.

Now, I’ve finished the album, taken photos and written notes of explanations as this year the class is on line. Although I’ve filmed demos for the students to follow.

IMG_6062With all the bits and pieces, the album ends up pleasantly fat – mostly able to stand up on its own.

As well as the title & dedication page, each day has a smaller title page, at least one standard sized page with photos.

Love the look of all the various albums I’ve created together.

Of course this will get worn as it is handled, it isn’t meant to last forever – but that’s o.k. I like the transient nature of it. Reminds me of our ever changing life.

For more about Life Artistry, to join us go to Woodbrooke.

Life Artistry Mini Albums

2013 05 11 sorting pages into order

Creating paper pages

Creative arts and Spirituality – might be an unexpected category to mesh with the Wardening and Business Administration & Management usually found here.

One of the projects I had for this week, was to create pages for the mini albums to go into the Life Artistry project kits. I had fun creating these from scrapbooking paper, using Sizzix album page and cover dies. Fun and colourful bits were added and then all sent off to the participants.

So what is Life Artistry?

Life Artistry, is a set of tools that (hopefully) will inspire you to examine your life, to record aspects of it – a period of time, a relationship, the sacred bits of the everyday.

  • How many days do you get to the end and wonder what happened?

Today may seems a very ordinary day. “I don’t do anything worth recording.” I’m often told… Quakers believe that all days are equally sacred.

  • If all days are sacred, where did you see the sacred today?

What are the results?

Life Artistry is a chance to pause, to take stock of your life right here and now. To gather pieces together, create a tangible record to remind you of the process.

Think about finding a note from a lost loved one – or a much younger child, or yourself – how does that glimpse into an earlier moment in time feel?

Each story recorded, each detail noted and captured has the potential to create feelings. Inspiration, emotional response, motivation – sadness, joy, laughter, happiness.

You’ll end up with a couple of physical projects – reminders of what you learned and experienced. But can reuse the ideas, inspiration and prompts to create more meaningful messes as although the kit may be used up, the ideas continue.

This year I’m running Life Artistry on line through Woodbrooke. If you’d like to join us, you’d be more than welcome! Details can be found here.