MBS turns 10!

Welcome to our Anniversary Celebrations

September 13th 2013 MBS became a limited company.

We’d started a bit before then, doing projects as they came in – but took the plunge and incorporated and haven’t looked back since.

At the beginning it was only family, now we’ve grown to three teams of associates. But we’re all still fond of cake at celebrations.

We are thankful for those clients who have been with us since the beginning, but also grateful for the ones who signed up this year.

Ten years is a long time...

It’s been a busy decade and we wanted to share our excitement.

What started at my dining room table in Muswell Hill Quaker Meeting House has grown to be at lots of other dining room tables, at home desks or wherever each associate works. Vin, and I still work from home – in separate office spaces.

muffins in primary coloured cases with papers and laptops.Late last year, while finalising the new website design – incorporating our new classroom, we were marvelling that we’d been going ten years.

We started brainstorming a way to thank everyone who has supported MBS over the last decade or so.

As usual we had a meeting – with edibles and drinks of course.

We wanted it to be useful, colourful, and something very much ours.

After several iterations and discussions –  and moving house in the middle of the designing – we’ve come up with a plan!

Vin replicated the logo with 3D printed gears he designed, to the same size of the business cards Wendrie (and Trish Carn, aka Wendrie’s mum) designed a decade or so ago. The gears work as a fidget toy, or can hold notes with the magnetic backing.

Fun stuff

We’re sending out to our clients and friends an envelope containing 3D printed gears along with a cogs game this week. So if you’re a current client keep an eye out!

But we didn’t want to make it only for them – we wanted to share them with everyone.

  • Want to see the gears being printed? Both in real time and then in time lapse shorts? Click on the ‘Gears! Gears! Gears!’ button below.
  • Want to download a copy of the game? Or to see how to play, and watch a demo? Click on the ‘Cogs Game’ button below.
  • Want to send us birthday greetings? We’ve got a button for that too.

On the blog...

We’ve put together a slideshow of the anniversary category of blog posts here for you to browse through.