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MBS offers a range of Financial Management and Charity Administration consultancy services. If you are interested in one-off support with a particular task or project you can purchase consultancy/project support by the hour. If your project is likely to exceed 10 hours, book a FREE 30-minute consultation so that we can discuss your brief in more detail. All purchased project hours are subject to availability and timelines are discussed with the MBS team before commencement.


Invoicing creation & basic credit control using Excel course image

Invoicing Creation & Basic Credit Control

This Next Steps course provides guidance and practical insights and resources to strengthen your subject knowledge in invoicing and credit control. This deeper dive training will allow you to develop plans and implement financial systems for your organisation.


Invoice management system PC screen

Invoicing Management System

Would you like to learn more about invoicing and creating an invoicing management system? This Thinking About Course provides an introduction to creating an invoice-based room-hire management system.


Photo of a meeting house

Marketing your Meeting House

All communities, businesses, and organisations need some form of publicity or marketing to attract new members, grow, and thrive. This Thinking About Course explores the marketing fundamentals to support you in publicising your meeting house.


Creating a remote charity office course icon

Creating a Remote Charity Office

This Thinking About course gives you the questions and references you need to ensure your organisation handles remote working efficiently and effectively. This can be because you have no physical building or if some of your people need to work remotely outside this space. The lessons provide guidance on preparation, processes and procedure through to strategic planning.



Generic Email Accounts

Generic email accounts are a great way for an organisation to collectively manage enquiries. They can be tailored to different offices and/or roles. This First 5 course provides an overview of creating generic email addresses and what having shared accounts means for your organisation.


MBSC0024 DIY Onboarding

DIY Onboarding

The process of bringing someone new into your group or organisation is called onboarding. This First 5 course is an introductory module providing insights and steps to think about when creating your organisation’s onboarding process.


MBSC0038 Improving Relationships Icon

Improving Relationships

This First 5 course is an introduction to improving relationships. It is primarily for those who work alongside others, in teams or manage other people. There are five questions to get you thinking. 


MBSC0028 Invoicing Sytem

Invoicing System

This First 5 course provides an overview of what an invoicing system is and how to use it, using room hire businesses as a working example. Complete with downloadable resources, this course is designed to help you think through your own invoicing system.


MBSC0027 closing down the fiscal year

Closing Down the Fiscal Year

Do you hold a financial role in your organisation? Are you interested in learning more about closing down the fiscal year, this First 5 short course will outline what needs to be done and why.


Quaker clerking image

Quaker Clerking

This First 5 course explains the Quaker Business Method and why it is useful to use it.


MBSC0008 Introducing LQPT

Introducing LQPT

Introducing London Quaker Property Trust (LQPT), this First 5 course provides an introduction to who they are, what they do, where they are based when they meet and why they are in operation. Complete this course to gain a base understanding of the important role of LQPT.