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2015 08 23 MfW stone circle with A&QFor many years I’ve chosen one passage from the first chapter – better known as ‘Advices & Queries’ to use as throughout the year. It is a very unassuming little book – given away by Quakers during outreach events and often handed to newcomers.

But the contents are amazing – there is a responsibility for each Area Meeting to ensure they are read regularly.

To remind me of my passage over the year – I’ve copied the Advice or Query (or occasionally two that seem linked to me) onto index cards, created physical or digital images to display in the house, and made bookmarks to ensure I think about the passage on a regular basis.

Living with a passage like this means you explore it in depth, finding new aspects and discovering new meanings as you ponder it over time. Creating an artistic project – such as the one below created with digital images, while holding such a passage in mind is part of the processes I explore in the Life Artistry course.

2013 A&Q 3 frame

Biograffiti frame. All papers & elements Amy Wolff

This post is part of my Reading Quaker Faith & Practice series – click here for the introduction and explanation or here for all posts in this series.

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