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LTW-500I have just finished this book and found it fascinating. I’ve read the previous two books and enjoyed them as well.

Todd asks really good questions and gives examples of the types of situations he’s found – all of which make you think about how you structure your life and work.

For this book I took part in the author led book club which has deepened the experience. I took notes, have quoted pieces to clients and even linked this to the journalling I’ve been doing with my Qf&P reading.

“Work, then, becomes about more than checking off tasks and pushing through projects. Instead, it is a means to carve a place in the world and create value that lasts.”

As a Quaker trying to balance work and spiritual life to ensure both infuse the other I’ve found this book and the process of working through it inspiring and valuable.

So, I’ve recommended it to several friends already – and now to you.


Well, there now is a good reason to buy the book on Thursday, October 15th. Which is this Thursday.

Why then?

Todd Henry will give away his royalties and match them for any copy sold that day.

From the Todd Henry website – click the link to find out more about him and this project.

I’m donating all of my royalties from copies of Louder Than Words sold on October 15 to International Justice Mission, to help give voice to the voiceless around the world.

I’m even matching them (up to 1,000 copies), which means I’ll donate $5 per book sold.

Will you help me?

You can download the first couple of chapters from Todd’s website for free – and if you like it.

Please consider buying a copy on Thursday and sending a copy of the receipt (removing any financial identifiable information of course) or a copy of the email if you’ve bought it on-line to Todd.

I make no profit from this post – but wanted to share the book and the donation details.

There will be posts that use the ideas I’ve enjoyed in the book I’m sure.

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