How does it all work?

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One of the most common questions we are asked is: “How does it all work?”

We mention this briefly on our home page:

  • Using modern technology, we deal with emails, phone calls, and faxes from our home offices, plus have meetings over Zoom or via other meeting facilities.
  • Work can be transferred electronically, through recorded post, or personal courier. We can easily meet people in central London.
  • We work the hours you need when you need them – you don’t pay holiday, sick pay or lunch breaks!
  • Mindful Business Services is responsible for all financial and legislative requirements. We are GDPR compliant in our data handling.
  • You are protected by a contract, which shows that you are not an employer.
  • While we work normal office hours, we will also cover evening and weekend business meetings if necessary.

For a more detailed explanation, please read on.

Ad hoc and project work

MBS specialises in giving flexible administrative and charitable management support to a wide variety of clients. Examples of ad hoc projects for charities, non-profit, and religious groups, include:

  • Archive review and cataloguing.
  • Area meeting minutes indexed.
  • Policy and procedural documents reviewed and written.
  • Operations manuals created, reviewed, updated, and maintained.
  • Financial and procedural reviews across the charity or organisation.
  • Business development plans created, reviewed, and advice given.
  • Training in financial management, efficient administration, and Quaker clerking.
  • Support for committees and clerks, including acting as minute clerk for committees and charities.
  • Technical writing.

Longer term charity administration packages

These all presume that MBS picks up phone messages and uses a shared access remote web-based email address, diary and document storage system.

Each of these builds on the previous set of tasks. We’ve not given specific time for these examples, merely a rough idea, as the amount of time taken per week would depend on the number of clients and type of bookings.

  1. Meeting does most, MBS supports: we handle the emails and phone calls (checking two – three times a week), forwarding messages to a previously agreed list of people. We maintain the diary and relationships with the users. While there might be some contract negotiation with new and existing hirers, We wouldn’t be actively marketing the building. The treasurer would handle payments, receipts etc. (1 – 2 hours per week, our minimum is 5 hours per month)
  2. Meeting & MBS share work equally: Here, with the agreement of Premises and the help of a liaison, We actively market the Meeting House as a venue. We will arrange tours with the liaison person, who would then meet (or arrange for someone else to meet) prospective clients. We negotiate, draw up and complete contracts. Emails and phone calls would be checked daily Monday – Friday. Payments would be sent to the Treasurer by cheque or bank transfer and be entered onto a spreadsheet via Dropbox. (2.5 – 3.5 hours per week)
  3. MBS does most, Meeting supports: We maintain the BYM standard cashbook or other finance package as agreed with the Treasurer. The Treasurer checks the bank deposits have been received and either forwards copies of the statement for reconciliation, reconcile the shared spreadsheet, or we would be given viewing rights to the bank account. We handle all negotiations for client contracts, and can help produce a script of Meeting House facilities including features to mention during the tours. We could help update, create, and maintain marketing materials, including website, leaflets etc. (3 + hours per week)

For all options a regular (weekly, fortnightly or monthly) review would be arranged at a time to be agreed. A report would be written when requested.

We expect to attend at least one meeting where an annual report would be presented. This can be in person or over Zoom. The reviews and reports may result in extra time beyond that listed above; any extra time would be agreed before being worked.

These scenarios are just examples, and we’re willing to agree variations with any selection of my standard services to be done within the hours agreed. If you would like to suggest additional services not listed, do discuss this with me.

There is a minimum monthly charge of five hours.

Any other projects would be dealt with on an as needed and agreed basis.

Email: Wendrie [at] MindfulBusinessServices [dot] com.

We look forward to hearing from you.