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This module is primarily for those who work alongside with, in teams with, or manage other people. However, the skills discussed within the module are transferable and can be applied to many different situations in your working, personal, or general life. 


This module explores what makes relationships work, what can cause relationships to break down, and how to cultivate healthy working relationships. 


Improving relationships can be useful anywhere you regularly meet with people. In the context of work maintaining relationships is important because we work with people whom we have not chosen to work with and, in the event of difficulties, cannot easily walk away from. 


This module is generally useful to cultivate good practice. However, it is particularly useful in instances where difficulties arise in working relationships. 

How / Why?

Improving relationships benefits all parties involved and the organisation as a whole. The ability to work effectively with others is often taken for granted. A working relationship is different from a friendship or partnership. An effective framework needs to be established so that the dynamics of the relationship are understood, and the expectations of all parties can be managed.