Life Artistry Mini Albums

2013 05 11 sorting pages into order

Creating paper pages

Creative arts and Spirituality – might be an unexpected category to mesh with the Wardening and Business Administration & Management usually found here.

One of the projects I had for this week, was to create pages for the mini albums to go into the Life Artistry project kits. I had fun creating these from scrapbooking paper, using Sizzix album page and cover dies. Fun and colourful bits were added and then all sent off to the participants.

So what is Life Artistry?

Life Artistry, is a set of tools that (hopefully) will inspire you to examine your life, to record aspects of it – a period of time, a relationship, the sacred bits of the everyday.

  • How many days do you get to the end and wonder what happened?

Today may seems a very ordinary day. “I don’t do anything worth recording.” I’m often told… Quakers believe that all days are equally sacred.

  • If all days are sacred, where did you see the sacred today?

What are the results?

Life Artistry is a chance to pause, to take stock of your life right here and now. To gather pieces together, create a tangible record to remind you of the process.

Think about finding a note from a lost loved one – or a much younger child, or yourself – how does that glimpse into an earlier moment in time feel?

Each story recorded, each detail noted and captured has the potential to create feelings. Inspiration, emotional response, motivation – sadness, joy, laughter, happiness.

You’ll end up with a couple of physical projects – reminders of what you learned and experienced. But can reuse the ideas, inspiration and prompts to create more meaningful messes as although the kit may be used up, the ideas continue.

This year I’m running Life Artistry on line through Woodbrooke. If you’d like to join us, you’d be more than welcome! Details can be found here.

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