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2013 06 LA sample albumStarted doing ‘a day in the life’ type recording when our family started homeschooling in 1995 – always love those glimpses into our life way back when.

Back in 2011 I took part in Ali Edwards‘ Week in the Life, carefully kept all the records,  intending to make a mini album as a sample during my 2012 Life Artistry class taught at Woodbrooke.

I love these little Sizzix albums, they are definitely my most used dies. If only because I’ve used them for this class, and others for the last few years 😉

The pages are just over 4×4, the covers slightly larger and cut from cereal boxes. Skinnier or shorter pages make nice flaps for titles or extra journalling or photos.

IMG_6061I like the look of bits sticking out, figuring it makes you want to pick them up and explore the insides.

Had a list of techniques I needed to include – as they’re in the Life Artistry handouts, and enjoyed working on it during the weekend.

Now, I’ve finished the album, taken photos and written notes of explanations as this year the class is on line. Although I’ve filmed demos for the students to follow.

IMG_6062With all the bits and pieces, the album ends up pleasantly fat – mostly able to stand up on its own.

As well as the title & dedication page, each day has a smaller title page, at least one standard sized page with photos.

Love the look of all the various albums I’ve created together.

Of course this will get worn as it is handled, it isn’t meant to last forever – but that’s o.k. I like the transient nature of it. Reminds me of our ever changing life.

For more about Life Artistry, to join us go to Woodbrooke.

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