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Communication is probably the aspect of interpersonal relationships that is most taken for granted.There is an assumption that ifyou share a common language with another person thencommunication should be easy. That is rarely the case.

There are many facets to effective communication: the ability to clearly transmit a message, to havethat transmission received and more importantly understood. This can be further clouded by thingsunsaid, both non-verbal and imagined. Clarity of communication is the cornerstone of effectivelymanaging relationships.

Sending Out Message

What words am I using?
What is my body language saying?

  • Be clear, calm and reasoned
  • If communication is difficult, avoid blaming
  • Use “I” statements rather than “we”

Receiving a Message

Have I received the message?
Was anything unclear/missed?
Am I listening/receiving or interpreting?

  • Remove obstacles to receiving messages. 
  • Seek repetitions when needed.
  • Ask yourself, ‘Have I heard?’ or Have I thought?

Understanding the Message

Do I understand what has been communicated?
Do I need clarification?

  • Don’t rush to respond. Allow yourself time to digest.
  • Reflect back so potential miscommunications can be identified.