Money Back Guarantee

If you want to cancel within fourteen days of purchase please contact the education team and they’ll process the cancellation and refund. We offer a free refund within fourteen days, and up to 30% of the course completed.

Hire a room or building

Hire a room or building

Quakers welcome other groups using their building. Not all our buildings are able to hire rooms, but most do!

Quakers have a testimony to equality–an unshakeable conviction that there is ‘that of God’ in everyone and that all people should be treated equally, irrespective of race, religion, class, gender, sexual orientation, and physical or mental activity. We hope our hirers will be in sympathy with this ethos, and we will refuse bookings from any group or individual whose words or actions diminish the dignity of any person or group of people.

To look for a meeting house look at the list here:Our Meeting Houses