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2012 09 01 bare textured coverMini Albums and Books Tutorial

This is a type of simple book or album I teach in classes. I’m often asked how I make these, so thought I’d do a brief tutorial.

You can use the same technique and vary the binding – here I’ve used book rings, but ribbons, cable ties or similar will work too.

2012 09 01 hole templateFirst I cut the covers and all of my pages to size and decide where the binding holes should go. This is 6″square.

I’ve used a cardboard food box as a base – the covers are cut from the front and back.

Next cut down the side of the box, there is a crease – which you can bend over the edge to ensure it is all level. Clamp at either end to hold it all securely.

Now make the holes – using a standard hole punch, Crop-o-dile, paper drill, or old fashioned anywhere hole punch and hammer.

If your pages aren’t all square or the same size, or there are too many for your hole making technique than do them in batches.

When I create mini albums for Life Artistry I always include some pocket pages or flaps for hidden journalling.

The template means you can ensure the holes are the same. For security give each page or tag two holes.

I used to keep these templates, but now just remake new each time.

Decorating Details

2012 09 02 cover with rings

  • My covers are embossed grungeboard, misted and inked plus metallic rub ons, backed with distress inked cardboard box pieces.
  • I’ve edged them with washi tape for extra strength and to neaten the edges.
  • I’ve used book rings for easy page removal, but may well change to ribbon binding later.
  • The best binding depends on the width of the finished album of course!

Preparing Foundations

2012 09 02 LO first pages foundationsHere I’ve created a book using 6×6 papers (and cut down 12×12 papers) with a double page spread for each lesson in a class.

I prepare foundation pages to make it easy to create – you can always cover the entire page if it doesn’t suit the photos etc. you want to include.

Looking forward to decorating and adding to each page, as I work through the lessons.

  • Hope you find this useful – if you have any questions leave a comment or email me.
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