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Wendrie Heywood

Wendrie Heywood


I became interested in the career of Wardening as a child, when I was influenced by the wardens of my meeting in Pittsburgh, Pa.

Later, in the UK, both my grandfather and then my parents became wardens, so I’m a third generation Warden. I volunteered regularly at Colchester Meeting from the age of eighteen, leaving to take up the post of Warden at Muswell Hill Meeting House. With my husband as co-warden, I worked, at Muswell Hill from May 1999 until July 2014. I also ran a computer consultancy with my husband from 1998 until 2006, and then set up MBS in 2013.

So I know well how hard it can be to get everything done!

I am a seasoned office manager and executor of projects, used to working either with a single manager or a committee to clarify goals, and ensure that these goals come to fruition. I have successfully worked remotely, as an independent worker responsible for setting my priorities and goals with reference to the remit given.

I have had a variety of roles in both my employment and voluntary work history. I have a broad base of experience spanning the use of technology; setting up and then maintaining procedures for efficient working practices; dealing with clients and contractors; overseeing of works on site; promoting the use of the Meeting House amongst a wider community; and organising and running events including Dialogues for London Quakers.

The various building works during my time at Muswell Hill developed my project management skills, especially prioritization and crisis management. The Meeting House, built in 1926 but extended three times, has also needed a series of improvement works: conversion of toilets to accessible shower rooms, repair and renovations, rebuilding of steps after subsidence and major ground works.

During these crises and renovations, I managed a range of contracts and contractors concerned with all repair and improvement works, from small one-person firms to various levels of sub contractors and larger companies.

Since leaving Muswell Hill I have focused my attention on the managing, training and consultancy aspects of meeting house management, as well as the management of meeting house businesses remotely. Working closely with Premises committees to ensure the business aspects are managed on their behalf.

Contact me on: Wendrie (at) mindfulbusinessservices (dot) com or use the contact form linked above.

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