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Quaker Clerking (F5)

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Welcome to this First 5 module. This module is designed to give you a high-level overview or a specific definition or point of information.

First 5 relates to either the number of minutes of video presentation, or the number of points covered. These modules are very wide ranging – from a glossary entry level which will take a minute or so to read, up to five minutes of information provision. 

You may have more questions at the end of the module – there will be further information suggestions, unlike most of the modules provided there aren’t many questions. 

Instead, these mini modules are designed to clarify a point made in another module, stimulate your thinking, and give you some ideas to work with – use those that are useful to you, you can always come back to the others later. We keep these at the low end of the price range, and they are usually produced by volunteers, or by our educational consultants to give you a sense of the bigger modules. If you find them useful and would like to donate – there is a button on the home screen.