Author name: Gemma White


Quaker A-Z: 2023 Introduction

Clerking We are inviting you to follow our new Quaker A-Z blog series – for 2023 the MBS focus for the series is clerking. Every other Friday we will post brief snippets of clerking information following the #QuakerAlphabetProject. Each post will reflect on each letter of the alphabet from an MBS perspective. The Quaker Alphabet blog project …

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AdventWord 2022: Purify

Definition: To purify is to remove contaminants, extract something or make it ceremonially clean. Organisation culture… I want to explore this concept from an organisational perspective. How do you purify your organisation’s culture? Extensive research into the matter concludes that creating a great culture internally, in turn, enhances the customer experience. An organisation will thrive …

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Instant messenger icon

AdventWord 2022: Messenger

Photo by Alexander Shatov In today’s technologically advanced society, when I think about the term ‘messenger’ I think of a chosen app on our smartphones or computer. Historically we required a physical messenger to distribute our message (via town crier, pigeon or possibly on foot). Today we are overwhelmed with a catalogue of digital apps …

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