What is a Virtual Assistant?

According to VANetworking.com

“A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a highly-skilled, independent professional who remotely provides administrative, technical and/or creative business support services”

So what can we assist you with?

  • Remote business or charity administration and management
  • General admin support for charity trustees
  • Archive review and cataloguing
  • Area meeting minutes indexed
  • Policy and procedural documents reviewed and written
  • Operations manuals created, reviewed, updated, and maintained
  • Financial and procedural reviews across the charity or organisation
  • Bookkeeping, support and training for treasurers.
  • Business development plans created, reviewed, and advice given
  • Training in financial management, efficient administration
  • Training in the Quaker business method and Quaker clerking
  • Support for committees and clerks, including acting as minute clerk for committees and charities
  • Technical writing
  • One-to-one training and mentoring
  • Consultancy on business, marketing, room hire business for meeting houses, churches and other community buildings

Why might you want to use our services?

  • Your committee or team have lots of ideas – but are too busy to develop and implement them
  • You want help in marketing, administration or other aspects of your business
  • You want to develop the business side of your meeting house to raise funds, without sacrificing local people’s time and skills
  • You already outsource cleaning, gardening and are now considering doing the same with the bookkeeping and lettings administration
  • You don’t want to employ someone, but need help to do the above
  • You aren’t sure how many hours the job might take, so want a flexible arrangement

Who are we?

Mindful Business Services Ltd is a family run company based in London – although we have clients well outside the M25.

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An infrastructure, design and troubleshooting IT contractor specialising in

  • Technical Architecture.
  • Design and documentation.
  • Infrastructure support and implementation.
A manager and consultant specialising in managing buildings and room hire business administration – in Quaker meeting houses, committees and others.
  • Remote professional office management and services for Quaker Meeting Houses, churches, charities and other small businesses.
  • Fully fitted modern office – using own equipment and software.

How does it work?

  • Using modern technology, we deal with emails, phone calls, and faxes from our home offices, plus have meetings through various computer based meeting facilities.
  • Work can be transferred electronically, through recorded post, or personal courier. We can easily meet people in central London.
  • We work the hours you need, when you need them – you don’t pay holiday, sick pay or lunch breaks!
  • Mindful Business Services is responsible for all financial and legislative requirements. We are GDPR compliant in our data handling.
  • You are protected by a contract, which shows that you are not an employer.
  • While we work normal office hours, we will also cover evening and weekend business meetings if necessary.

Why use a virtual meeting house manager?

  • There isn’t space in the building for an office or you want to maintain flexible use of the building.
  • You don’t want to invest in equipment and training, or deal with payroll or pensions.
  • You want to build a relationship with someone who also has an investment in your business – obviously the better you are doing the more work there is for us!
  • If you are a Quaker organisation, working with Wendrie, you will not need to explain Quaker jargon.
  • If you are a non Quaker – by using us regularly you won’t need to explain business specific jargon or procedures to numerous temps.
  • It is easier to maintain a relationship between hirers and the office.
  • Your current Wardening or administration arrangement needs some extra support – things have become busier, or possibly need to cover maternity/paternity leave, holidays, sick leave or a break between wardens.

Why use a virtual assistant?

  • You want to hold a one off event (outreach, fund raising or building project) and want some guidance or just need an extra pair of hands.
  • You want to develop policies, procedures or similar and would like some guidance or for someone else to do the foundation work for you.
  • You need some administrative support or consultancy

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