Charity Admin

Thinking about outsourcing?

Starting to outsource some of the work involved can be confusing.

Administration and management of the various documents, tasks and other miscellaneous items, are all part of running a charity takes time and energy.

The ability to ask someone else take on tasks and make progress on projects is vital during busy periods to ensure that a charity is properly supported without overtaxing its volunteers.

MBS specialises in giving flexible administrative and charitable management support to a wide variety of clients. Either as an ad hoc project or on a monthly retainer contract depending on your needs.

Examples of work done for charities, non-profit, and community groups include:

  • Archive review and cataloguing.
  • Area meeting minutes indexed.
  • Policy and procedural documents reviewed and written.
  • Operations manuals created, reviewed, updated, and maintained.
  • Financial and procedural reviews across the charity/organisation.
  • Business development plans created, reviewed, and advised on.
  • Training in financial management, efficient administration, and Quaker clerking.
  • Support for committees and clerks, including acting as minute clerk for committees and charities.
  • Technical writing.

Administrative Support Options

All work contracts start with an initial ten hour block paid in advance, from 1st March 2024, charged at £38.00 per hour. Additional time may be booked in blocks or ad hoc as agreed, or combined with a retainer contract.

Longer term charity finance administration packages are all on a thirty day notice rolling contract, with a minimum of five hours per month charged in advance at £34.00 per hour. Any additional time worked is charged in arrears the following month.