Improving Relationships

The ability to ask someone else take on tasks and make progress on projects is vital during busy periods to ensure that a charity is properly supported without overtaxing its volunteers.

Ensuring that there is support is the responsibility of the trustees.

However, trustees are also volunteers, who may not have management skills, and need support themselves!

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Relationships at Work

Relationships are tricky and conflict is inevitable. Especially when you combine a range of volunteers and employees with trustees who are expected, often without much training and support, to understand and know how to handle employees and volunteers…

Not to mention the confusion of overlapping relationships and communities, where the people involved may be part of the same worshipping group, and need to remember they’re ‘not at work’ while sorting out the tea and coffee rota or during a theological debate.

Caveats & Context

MBS isn’t licensed for counselling or therapy. Instead, we offer the services listed on this website, plus specific employment and volunteer management training, including how to have better meetings over on our classroom site – to visit that click on the ‘log in’ circle on the home page.

If you are looking for more specialised help, or resources to use to improve your relationship, we’ve listed some places you might visit and hopefully find whatever it is you’re looking for!

Restoring Relations

An initiative run by a small group of Friends, and others, to provide free online information for all and run workshops to help individuals and Quaker meetings to better understand and handle conflict.

Employers and Wardenship Resources from Quaker Life

As the page title says, this is part of the main Britain Yearly Meeting website. There are resources for employers, volunteer managers, and of course volunteers too.

Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre

A learning organisation which supports and informs Quakers to enable their work in the world from a place of understanding and spiritual renewal.

Woodbrooke offers a range of opportunities for individuals and meetings, for a variety of programmes.

These include the use of Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, other venues and locations, and online learning. They aim for their programmes of learning to be as accessible as possible.