DIY Induction


Maybe you have just been appointed, but there hasn’t been an induction or handover…

Or you’re here because you’d like to develop an induction for your own volunteers and employees…

You may be feeling a bit discombobulated – like the LEGO mini fig pictured. Our aim is to help you feel put together and supported. However you’ve ended up here, we’ve got resources for you.

disassembled lego minifig
Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

Not all those who wander are lost;

Induction Process

An induction process should be an opportunity to welcome someone, to help them settle in, ensure they have the knowledge and information they’ll need to do whatever it is they’ve been asked to do.

If that hasn’t happened, I’m sorry.

As with so many things – before you can start you need to work out where you are. Use the questions below to help you work out where you are, and where you need to go from here.

Are you a volunteer?

  • Who asked you to help?
  • Can they give you more background?
  • Is there a role description?
  • Have you agreed how long you’re expected to volunteer?
  • Do you know anyone else who has done this role or these tasks?

Are you an employee?

  • Do you have a copy of the advert and job description you?
  • Have you received an employment contract?
  • Do you have a named line manager or liaison with the employer? (Usually the charity’s trustees not the local committee)
  • Do you have a list of tasks and responsibilities that you’ve been asked to do, even if they’re not on your agreed job description?

Once you have some answers, make your own list of questions and resources which would help you do your job/role. Now, you’ll need some input from other people, in the first instance send your findings and questions to your line manager/liaison.

We recommend sending by email in the first instance, as it’s easier for them to do any research they need to do. But ask for a meeting where you can go through the questions. Often people have forgotten all they’ve learned, or you’re doing such a good job they’re not seeing the gaps you’re trying to fill.

At the meeting explain you’re trying to ensure you will be able to do your best to meet their requirements. Ask if you can agree a list of priorities and skills/tasks to be accomplished in the first few weeks of your employment/volunteering? Ideally, make another meeting date before you finish this one so you can ensure you will be supported and continue to have your questions answered.

Don’t forget that we have onboarding courses available over on MBS:C. But you can look through our free resources including the ‘overwhelmed start here‘ page, and  the blog .