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This module includes 1 hour of personalised time with Karen Fishwick. This can be divided into two shorter sessions if you prefer.  

Volunteer Management L1P1

Questions for L1P1

Do you directly manage the volunteer?

If you have looked at other modules, you may have noticed the notes function which accompanies your student profile. This allows you to take notes as you work through the modules and add them to the same file at each stage. You may have already used this and now might be a good time to reflect on the learning from those modules and look at where you might go from here.  

I will make some suggestions of learning points or areas you might want to reflect on with notes or journaling. As you may not have taken all the modules at this stage, there might be areas you want more information on. There may be a free 1st Five module that would give you a quick introduction or a more in-depth module may be useful. 

The Module Structure may be helpful to see how the modules fit together, but you do not need to take them in a specific order.  

You may find the Volunteering Glossary of Terms helpful to remind you of what is meant by various terms used in volunteer management. The links on this resource help to remind us what is and is not a volunteer.  

Journal: Having read the website links in the Volunteering Glossary, in what ways do you think volunteers should be treated differently from staff? How could this provide challenges if your workplace has both staff and volunteers? 

I have set out a flowchart Your Volunteer Management Journey, showing how the modules in this section may help you manage volunteers, depending on your needs. Of course, your individual journey may look quite different to this. You may have entered at a different point, looking at a specific area of volunteer management, and then found it helpful to branch into other areas. It is entirely alright for you to have found your own path and direction and you don’t need to do the modules in any particular order. I tend to present them in an order, but that is what makes sense to me and you may look at it in a completely different way.  

Going through each of the modules may help as a refresher or give you the information to decide if you want/need to do that module or if it is an area you do not need further help with.  

Volunteer Management DK L1P2


Do you need help with knowing where to start?

Journal: Make a list of what success in this area looks like for you.