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1st Five and Next Steps: Retaining and Motivating Volunteers:

Volunteer Management DK L5P1

Have you read 1st Five: Volunteer Motivation ?
Have you taken Next Steps: Retaining and Motivating Volunteers ?

These modules look at what motivates volunteers and therefore, what we can do to ensure we are meeting those requirements and retaining volunteers.  

Abraham Maslow set out his Hierarchy of Need in his paper “A Theory of Human Motivation,” published in Psychological Review, Vol. 50, 1943. This can be shown as a pyramid. Hierarchy of Needs. 

Journal: Write a list of what needs you think your volunteer opportunity could fulfil for your volunteers based on the categories from the Hierarchy of Need? 

Volunteers give their time to a variety of causes and organisations, sometimes for months and years. During that time their motivations to volunteer may change. Checking in regularly with volunteers means we can adapt to those changes.  

Journal: Would you ever give your time to a cause or organisation without being paid? If so why and what would you want in return? Make a list of reasons. 

Journal: Read these websites and and make notes of what is interesting or useful.  

If we keep records of time given by volunteers, it can help us to appreciate the contributions given. The resources  Individual RecordGroup Record and  Project Record might be helpful for this. We can then give out certificates to recognise and appreciate the time and expertise given. The resources Hours CertificateProject Certificate and Training Certificate may be helpful. You may also like to read   

Volunteer Management DK - L5P2

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