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1st Five and Next Steps: Volunteer Recruitment

Volunteer Management DK - L4P1

Have you read 1st Five: Volunteer Recruitment ?
Have you taken Next Steps: Volunteer Recruitment ?

In these modules we look at the steps needed to recruit the right volunteer for the role. We consider the task, how we advertise and how we get them started in the role. This links to the volunteer policy as we can create templates and use a consistent approach which could be included in your volunteer policy.  

Journal: What tasks would you like the volunteers to do? Make a list. Choose one role and using Role Descriptions template write a basic role description. You may find Contractual Language useful. 

You may also find helpful. 

Once you have the task you can advertise your role.  

Journal: Write an advert for that volunteer role using the Advert Template and Advert Example.  

Journal: Look at volunteer adverts on what do you think of these? Do they make you want to volunteer? Pick an advert you think could be improved and re-phrase it to be more appealing. Now look at the ones on what is different about these?  

Have a look at the websites in Websites for Volunteer Recruitment which ones do you think would be useful for your role? 

Journal: Read the websites and make notes of any useful points.  

Once you have your volunteers, it may be useful to have an induction checklist to ensure consistency.  

 Induction Checklist may be useful as a starting point.  

Volunteer Management DK - L4P2

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