Cracked eggs

AdventWord 2022: Birth

I’m going to be cheeky and talk about REbirth instead. Of course, depending on the school(s) of philosophy you ascribe to, you might believe that there is no difference. And you may well be right. Because while the general concept of “rebirth” in my culture is about one-off, landmark incidents (generally having an epiphany and …

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Trio of Buddha

AdventWord 2022: Hear

Photo by Vonvix Messages we hear… It is easy to be selective about what we hear and on social media, or even conventional media, filtering is needed or we risk being overwhelmed with information and messages.  We often unconsciously filter the messages we hear based on them reinforcing the emotion that we habitually feel or …

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AdventWord 2022: Purify

Definition: To purify is to remove contaminants, extract something or make it ceremonially clean. Organisation culture… I want to explore this concept from an organisational perspective. How do you purify your organisation’s culture? Extensive research into the matter concludes that creating a great culture internally, in turn, enhances the customer experience. An organisation will thrive …

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