Category: Spiritual Practice

Ideas and thoughts inspired by spiritual practices, especially how they connect to our work in the world.

scrabble tiles saying, Make Grace Your Space

AdventWord 2023: Grace

What is Grace? Grace is such an unassuming word – comes from the Latin grātia and has interesting definitions…  Grace – unearned favour from someone,

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a vase of flowers on a table with folders
Quaker A-Z

Quaker A-Z: W is for Worship

Foundation not garnish… Quakers hold and make decisions at their Business Meetings – more formally called ‘Meetings for Worship for Business’, sometimes called ‘Meetings for

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AdventWord 2022: Purify

Definition: To purify is to remove contaminants, extract something or make it ceremonially clean. Organisation culture… I want to explore this concept from an organisational

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