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Ideas to ensure your charity is compliant and well governed.

colourful knitting
Charity Admin

Quaker A-Z: K is for Knitting

Photo by Stephane Gagnon on Unsplash Avoiding dropped stitches Annual reports are often a cobbling together of bits from various people, groups or committees, with

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Compliance & Governance

Quaker A-Z: I is for Information

Information and information overload One difficulty for many new trustees – or even experienced ones – is information overload. There is just so much to

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fear scrabble tiles saying, 'faith over fear'
Charity Management

Quaker A-Z: F is for Fear

What do you fear? This might seem an odd question for a charity management blog! However, Trustees, volunteers, and employees often tell me that they

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handwritten word - Doing
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Quaker A-Z: D is for Doing Good

Don’t just sit there… I remember the children’s meeting resource called, ‘Don’t just sit there do something!’ But so often people feel overwhelmed with the

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