Karen Fishwick

Karen Fishwick

Karen Fishwick has managed volunteers and community projects for over 20 years, in the public and voluntary sectors. This includes fundraising via grants, donations and events, training volunteers, consultation and recruitment events, managing the health and safety of volunteers as well as promotion and recruitment via social media. 

Projects she has been involved in vary from small projects with a few volunteers up to larger externally funded projects with multiple funders,
community groups and volunteers. She has also worked as an Educational Ranger in the National Forest and volunteered as a Group
Scout Leader and Training Advisor for the Scouts; managing other volunteers, guiding the training and assessment of adult leaders and leading youth activities. She also runs environmental education sessions in the Norfolk Broads. She is very familiar with the educational needs of different audiences.

Karen has organised a variety of community events, particularly related to Science Fiction & Fantasy literature and gaming, as well as volunteering with other teams running events. 

She is passionate about increasing accessibility for disabled people at events. In addition to managing volunteers, she has also volunteered her time for a variety of organisations, currently including the British Fantasy Society. This means that she is very familiar with the volunteering experience from both directions.

She holds an NVQ Level 4 in Volunteer Management and completed the Certificate in Fundraising Management. She has a BSc (Hons) in Geology and a variety of other certificates and training. She loves to read, does a little proofreading and writes an occasional book review.

Karen is available for managing volunteers, grant application writing, team and individual training sessions (in person and via Zoom), managing events, and writing bespoke policies and site or project management plans. You can also download her training modules from MBS.

Karen's Modules

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Karen is currently developing course offerings in the following areas:

  • Volunteering & the Law
  • Ethical Fundraising
  • Writing a Volunteer Handbook
  • Trouble Shooting & Parting Ways
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