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Learn the art of effectively communicating with your colleagues, volunteers and members. 

This summer we are delighted to be joined by two guest hosts for our double-session communication workshop. We’d like to invite you to join us for one or both and explore the importance of effectively sharing information and knowledge. The workshop will introduce techniques to boost your presence internally and externally. 

To be found, it is paramount to be present (online or physically in a particular location). An organisation without a web presence significantly decreases the chance of new members finding it. Despite considerable footfall in an area, a building without signage may rest unknown.  Presence allows you to thrive. A further consideration is how you communicate, what platforms you use and what you say. In our modern world, sometimes these questions can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry this session is packed with tips and guidance!

These two special workshops are designed to support you whether you are just starting or have established strategies already! Communication can take time to perfect, ensuring that you have the right tools and processes is a great place to start.

Mindful Business Services has been working with charities for over a decade, perfecting their building management and ensuring that legacy information is communicated to internal teams, volunteers and prospective members.

Join us for these easy-to-follow workshops, where we introduce tools and resources to support you. 

QMN workshop
Discovering Quakers Workshop

Keep scrolling down to register for one, or both of the sessions. 

Simply enter your details and we will email you your Zoom link. These workshops are FREE to attend. 

  • Techniques to effectively communicate information.
  • How to develop an online presence or make your presence work harder for you.
  • How to organise and store information.
  • What tech and software are available to charities at reduced/discounted rates to support your outreach 
  • How to use technology to build internal communities and attract people to your charity
  • Hear from two groups – Quaker Meetings Network & Discovering Quakers – on how they are making Quaker lives easier
  • Learn what others are doing in this space
  • …and much more!

These workshops are designed to provide you with a base knowledge of areas to consider when thinking about communicating. You do not need any prior knowledge to attend. 

Whilst our guest hosts focus on how they are supporting wider Quaker communities, the content of the sessions is applicable to both faith and non-faith charities. 

Everyone is welcome.

The training is for anyone in a role where you communicate with colleagues, members, volunteers and more.  Trustees and others who want to use technology to build community, and simplify the sharing of resources and materials. People who need to convince others this these tasks that should be undertaken.

You might be interested in:

  • Ways to promote your organisation
  • Finding platforms to share information internally or within your community/membership
  • Learning how to effectively knowledge share with volunteers
  • How to refine your outreach tecniques

Once registered you will be emailed your Zoom links direct to your inbox. If you have not received your invitation, please check your spam and ensure that we are on your contacts lists. If you still can’t find it, please contact [email protected]. A member of the team will happily share it with you. 

If you have any specific questions on either topic, please let us know in advance and we will try to incorporate the answer into the session. 

The Quaker Meetings Network provides digital services to Quaker Meetings in Britain and abroad. Primarily, we provide beautiful, modern websites for Quaker meetings of every size. We provide a bespoke website builder that has been designed and built by Friends for Friends, that is fun to use and easy to maintain by anyone, no matter their technical expertise. Beyond outreach websites, we also offer digital tools to make managing Quaker meetings and groups more straightforward. Crucial, QMN acts as a continuous source of support so that when roles change hands, we’ll be here to support your meeting. Since launching in early 2020, our community keeps growing month-on-month, and currently consists over 160 Local, over 35 Area Quaker Meetings, and supports over 1450 Friends across globe.

To find out more visit: https://quaker.app/about

Quakers are a free-thinking faith organisation with a long tradition of challenging accepted norms, helping the disadvantaged and working for peace. ​Quakers seek to balance their inner and outer lives. We seek meaning and purpose by sitting in silence and stillness, waiting for promptings to guide our lives. For many, this leads to being actively involved in working to help others and change society for the benefit of all.

Discovering Quakers offers various events and courses to support outreach.

Wendrie is MBS Founder and lifelong charity administrator with extensive experience serving clients across the not-for-profit sector. Over the years fine-tuning processes and procedures to ensure that information is documented and most importantly available to those who might have ownership of the task/role in the future. This month’s webinar is designed to provide a practical guide to internal and external communications.

Find out more

Wendrie Heywood

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In October 2024 the MBS Finance Team will be hosting a specialist workshop for anyone who organises or has a hand in preparing end-of-year accounts. Watch out the details are coming soon!

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