More MBS History

Hi, I’m Wendrie Heywood.

Mindful Business Services was started at my dining room table at Muswell Hill Quaker Meeting House back in 2012.

 I have experience of residential, non-residential, and remote working building management.

At the age of five one Sunday morning, in Pittsburgh Pa USA, after an obviously impressive children’s meeting, I decided to be a Quaker warden.

After moving to the UK and talking to every warden I met about their job, I studied Business Administration and Management, while volunteering at Colchester Meeting as a relief warden.

As a family we moved to Muswell Hill in May 1999 to become the resident wardens, and stayed there until July 2014. During that time the room hire business went from being a loss to being a major source of income.

I am a seasoned office manager and executor of projects, used to working either with a single manager or a committee to clarify goals and ensure that these goals come to fruition. I have successfully worked remotely as an independent worker, taking responsibility for setting my priorities and goals with reference to the remit given.

I have had a variety of roles in both my employment and voluntary work history. I have a broad base of experience spanning the use of technology; setting up and then maintaining procedures for efficient working practices; dealing with clients and contractors; overseeing of works on site; promoting the use of the Meeting House amongst a wider community; and organising and running events including Dialogues for London Quakers and annual conferences for Quakers & Business.

Over the last decade after becoming a ‘professional warden’,  I have focused my attention on the managing, training, and consultancy aspects of meeting house management, as well as the remote management of meeting house businesses. I work closely with premises committees to ensure the business aspects are managed on their behalf, and trustees to help ensure their charity is well governed and efficiently run. And, by adding in qualified bookkeepers, solving that perennial problem of treasurers.