AdventWord 2023: Watch


The AdventWord today is watch. To look at or observe attentively over a period of time. As the weather draws in as we come to the season of rushing about, keeping out of the cold, the hustle and bustle of those around us should we be watching.

Taking time to watch the world or nature go by.

Come and sit beside me
Watch the world spin round
Waiting for the sunset
And not making but a sound
Hold my hand and smile
As we watch the clouds drift by
Watching soaring birds
And wishing we could fly
All we have are moments
So try to make them last
Stories in the future
Are but memories of the past
Sharing makes them special
These memories we make
Trying to make a difference
With every breath we take.

Robert Longley

Emma Milton

Emma Milton

MBS Finance & Admin Team

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