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Advice and tips on how to run the technical aspects of your building and facilities, while using all resources safely & sustainably.

Quaker A-Z: A is for Annual Actions & Atomic Habits

It is all too easy to draw a line over the ‘old year’ and only look forward to the ‘new year’.

It’s always best to take a few minutes to decide what you need to bring along with you into 2024.

Are there lessons learned, new practices you want to continue? Or challenges you overcame but want not to repeat!

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Charity Admin

Quaker A-Z: 2024 Introduction

Legally, a trustee is someone who has formal responsibility for the charity – and therefore must act in the charities best interest. This is the same no matter how they’ve become a trustee – elected or appointed. A trustee may take on specific roles or tasks for the charity, but the over all responsibility is held with the full body.

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AdventWord 2022: Messenger

Photo by Alexander Shatov In today’s technologically advanced society, when I think about the term ‘messenger’ I think of a chosen app on our smartphones

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AdventWord 2022: Breathe

According to WebMD we breathe over 20,000 times a day. Our lungs continually work hard to supply oxygen to the blood and remove carbon dioxide.

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