Quaker A-Z: Z is for Zipped

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Z is for Zipped

No, not coats but files. Large files often need to be shared amongst a committee. With people creating photo and graphic heavy documents, often across a variety of platforms and programmes, there are more opportunities for problems to arise.

Zipping or compressing a file can ensure that even large files can be sent via email or stored on a flash drive. However, this can also give rise to errors. So how can you share information without worrying about losing information or using up someone’s data allowance?

Another alternative is to store the documents on a server and share access to those who need it. This could be accessed via a website or you can use one of the file hosting cloud based storage systems which sync folders to ensure that you always have the most up to date information.

Examples of such systems are Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box. Each has their own benefits and will be compatible with different systems. Mindful Business Services uses Dropbox for most of its clients, but has used Google Drive for a few that already had that system in place.

By creating a central information storage hub you ensure that files are easily shared with new committee members and aren’t lost when someone leaves a committee – a problem I wrote about under Generic Email Addresses.

  • How has your meeting managed to share important information amongst committee members?

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