AdventWord 2023: Presence

Today’s word Presence has so many applications, from a state of existence to a presence in a place that is not seen. 

Either way, presence is something for me and probably for a lot of people, that is comforting. 

Wellbeing and mindfulness are now so recognised in society and whilst these are things to always be striving for and are perhaps something that will never be completed in a sense as we have to constantly work on ourselves and our mind, presence is a large part of the journey. 

Man standing on a mountain
Photo by Simon English on Unsplash

Enjoying the moment...

Being present and in the moment is for the most part something that is at risk every day. One example I see often with having younger children is whenever we are at an event or a show, adults spend their time videoing or taking photos of their children. Although this preserves the memory, they are watching their child through a device rather than being present and taking in the memories and moments organically. Being present at the moment and the feeling of seeing firsthand is very powerful, perhaps without realising it. 

Taking in surroundings, going for a walk and not having that tie to the electronic and wider world just having nature, or people watching, taking in architecture. This is one of my favourite things to do. Especially somewhere new, look up. There are always things we miss when looking at shops and displays, there is a whole world of amazing things to spot just above. The history and richness of the world around you. 

Presence is also the feeling of existence. Coming together in God’s presence with others and just being, whether that be in silence which I find very powerful or listening to others giving a message inspired by God. Having a connection to others that needs no words is a powerful ally in our world right now. 

We hope that whatever presence you need or are feeling, that it brings you comfort. 

Emma Milton

Emma Milton

MBS Finance & Admin Team

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