This January we are hosting our next MBS:C Webinar ‘Start Right’. Utilising the information and insights you have gained from your end-of-year, we discuss practical strategies to start 2024 right. 

We are hosting a FREE 'Start Right' webinar on

Wednesday 24th January 2024
18.00 - 19.00 (UK)

At MBS we’re firm believers in planning and starting out new projects or years with the end in mind. Come find out ways to make that easier!

diary for 2024 with Start Right written.
Photo by Marcus Winkler on Unsplash
Set yourself up for success

Hosted by our Charity Admin guru, Wendrie Heywood, we take you on a journey planning for a successful year. We present ways to schedule and calendarise your tasks and deadlines and get ahead in 2024 and beyond. We review case studies we have compiled from a decade of experience in the field.

During the session, we explore:

  • Utilising insights and metrics from past reviews to inform strategy.
  • Reporting – creating and using templates.
  • Making time. 
  • Setting goals.
  • Storing & using data.

The session includes takeaway resources to help you create and implement a framework that can be tweaked and reused each year.

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I am a lifelong charity administrator with extensive experience serving clients across the not-for-profit sector. Over the years fine-tuning processes and procedures to ensure that information is documented and most importantly available to those who might have ownership of the task/role in the future. 

This month’s webinar is designed to provide practical insights and time-saving tips – not add to the to-do list! 

Registration is now open to book your place. I hope to see you there. 

Get involved…

If you have specific scenarios or questions surrounding start-of-year management that you would like to discuss, drop a note to the education team and we will answer these during the live session. 

Submit your questions to [email protected]

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