Quaker A-Z: C is for Committee

tree with vultures sitting
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What is a Committee?

Did you know that a group of vultures roosting in a tree, or sitting on the ground, is called a “committee”?

Supposedly the group of large birds, with featherless heads and necks above the body’s black feathers, made people think of a group of old men sitting to make decisions together…

                                                                              Not an image most Trustee committees want to encourage!

Conversational 'What Ifs?'

At Britain Yearly Meeting 2023 there was ministry regarding Trusteeships, and the distance that so many people feel there is between the Trustee body and the remainder of the worshipping community – even though the trustees are part of that worshipping community! This is often forgotten.

  • What if Trustees were thought of as “just another committee”?
  • What if Trustees were called the “compliance and governance committee”?

Would that make them less scary? Less remote and somehow severe?

How do you build an atmosphere of trust and community in your meeting, encouraging openness with one another so that everyone feels free to ask questions?

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