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Quakers A-Z: A is for Authority

Authority is something that people often don’t like to accept. Quakers can confuse the idea that everyone is equal before G-D, with the idea that they aren’t leaders or people with authority. Instead, the Quaker business method and Quaker nominations, with time-limited role appointments, are ultimately there to help spread the load. This prevents burning …

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Quaker A-Z: 2023 Introduction

Clerking We are inviting you to follow our new Quaker A-Z blog series – for 2023 the MBS focus for the series is clerking. Every other Friday we will post brief snippets of clerking information following the #QuakerAlphabetProject. Each post will reflect on each letter of the alphabet from an MBS perspective. The Quaker Alphabet blog project …

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AdventWord 2022: Stranger

Participation in Meetings Qf&p 3.10 “Remember the onerous task laid upon the clerk and do all you can to assist. Submit information about matters to come before the meeting in good time and preferably in writing. Avoid if you possibly can any last-minute messages to the clerk. Give your whole attention to the matter before …

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MBS Puzzle

AdventWords 2022: Make

“What’s that on the shelf?’ my artistic friend asked. ‘A turbine blade. I designed it’, I replied proudly. ‘Oh’, she said. Visiting three weeks later she asked, ‘Why is that still there?’ ‘Because I think it’s beautiful.’ ‘Oh’, she said. I find great beauty in Concorde, a Norton, a modern suspension bridge, in calculus and …

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