AdventWord 2023: Glory

Living out our Testimonies

As a Religious Society of Friends we see the ... environmental crisis is at root a spiritual and religious crisis; we are called to look again at the real purpose of being on this earth, which is to till it and keep it so as to reveal the glory of God for generations to come. ... We can all listen if we will to the sounds of the earth, tuning into it with joy.

Buildings in all their glory

Sustainability issues aren’t always glamorous, but they are vital. We each make daily choices which build into a complex web of international choices.

We’re perhaps used to the idea of buying sustainable, fair trade coffee & environmentally friendly cleaning supplies being easy ways of being green.

But do you, as a worshipping community, also ensure the building and its surroundings are thought about holistically as part of the local environment?

Not every building can have an organic wildlife-friendly garden, but even the smallest space can be considered and improved to make it more sustainable and welcoming.

Taking that idea of listening to the sounds of the earth and tuning into it with joy – rather than making it yet another obligation or chore – we can then look beyond our own boundaries at the wider community beyond.

In whatever way you find to do this, from letting others share your garden informally, to setting up refugee allotments, hosting plant sales and seed swaps, etc.                                

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