AdventWord 2023: Grace

What is Grace?

Grace is such an unassuming word – comes from the Latin grātia and has interesting definitions…
  • Grace – unearned favour from someone, often more powerful (human or divine!)
  • Grace – can be unearned favour from and to yourself – accepting that you are human and imperfect.
  • Grace – a title given to people in royalty or in some church hierarchies.
  • Grace – a way of describing smooth movements, or ways of living/being.
  • Grace – an extra not essential/not written notes at the end of a musical phrase added as an embellishment.
scrabble tiles saying, Make Grace Your Space
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For me – this year has been all about extending grace to myself, my family and my team here at MBS. As things have gone wrong (as so many things do, especially when dealing with house moves!) we’ve reminded each other that we are here to support our team and clients, but our own and our family’s needs always comes first.
I’ve held fast to the last line of Advice and Queries 28:

Every stage of our lives offers fresh opportunities. Responding to divine guidance, try to discern the right time to undertake or relinquish responsibilities without undue pride or guilt. Attend to what love requires of you, which may not be great busyness.

Graceful Giving Up

As I reminded the attendees at our November Webinar ‘Ending Well‘ means just that:
“And I want to reiterate that ‘ending well” can mean stopping what you are doing and accepting that
  • the plans were too complex
  • the system isn’t working
  • you need to reconsider and regroup after xxx happened
  • you’ve discovered that this xxx is a symptom or small part of a much larger problem that will require more thought before tackling
  • you’ve realised that no matter the lofty or simple goals – the reality is that everyone is too tired/busy to deal with things. 
Sometimes, either as organisations or individuals, we are stronger and more resilient, and at other times we need extra help. 
Our goal is to ensure that you know what you are facing, what things must be done – and how you can work towards that, but also what can be put off, hived off to an outside organisation or dropped until such time that there is energy.
Whatever stage of life you are at today.
May your festive season be a time to receive and offer grace to yourself and those around you.
Wendrie Heywood

Wendrie Heywood

MBS Founder

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