AdventWord 2023: Hasten

Haste Makes Waste

I’m sure you’ve heard that phrase before. To hasten is to do something or go somewhere quickly. Or to cause something to happen before it was planned. Usually that last has a negative connotation.

All too often people presume my organisational skills and love of a good to-do list means I’m always going and doing.


Scrabble tiles saying 'Press Pause'
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That’s true – but I’ve learned that pausing is necessary and that hastening ever onward does indeed make waste – even if it is just that email you wish you’d reread before sending!

In my Grace post, I reminded us all that we need to extend and accept grace at this time of year when there are so many expectations and demands – and we feel the need to hasten ever onwards!

“There must be always remaining in every one’s life some place for the singing of angels, some place for that which in itself is breathlessly beautiful and, by an inherent prerogative, throws all the rest of life into a new and creative relatedness, something that gathers up in itself all the freshets of experience from drab to commonplace areas of living and glows in on bright white light of penetrating beauty and meaning —then passes.”

So, instead of finishing something and hastening onwards – press pause. Take a moment to review and acknowledge the achievements and to consider if the remainder of today’s to do list has to be done, can be delegated, can be rearranged or even cancelled.

Instead hasten towards things that fill you up, that create positive feelings, or alleviate any negative ones. May your festive season be a time to pause yourself and those around before hastening into the year to come!

Wendrie Heywood

Wendrie Heywood

MBS Founder

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