Quaker A-Z: 2023 Introduction


We are inviting you to follow our new Quaker A-Z blog series – for 2023 the MBS focus for the series is clerking. Every other Friday we will post brief snippets of clerking information following the #QuakerAlphabetProject. Each post will reflect on each letter of the alphabet from an MBS perspective.

The Quaker Alphabet blog project was started in 2013 by Rhiannon Grant, Stephanie Grant and Gil Skidmore.  All sorts of Quakers from all walks of life came together to share ideas. Each blog post focuses on a new topic and is published in alphabetical order. It is an opportunity for us to come together by commenting and sharing our thoughts on the subject. 

Photo by Alexander Andrews
Firstly, what is a Clerk?

A clerk is defined as someone who works in an office, deals with records or performs general office duties. This role is present in a vast array of groups, industries, companies and organisations. Whilst each organisation will have its own focus, many of the role fundamentals are common. 

This latest MBS clerking series aims to explore this role, providing insight, fun, and food for thought. 

You can browse through our full catalogue of the A-Z series HERE

Gemma White

Gemma White



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