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At MBS we have several decades of experience in working with different venues, committees, and groups to find ways to manage their buildings while increasing income, monitoring costs, and handling the tricky balancing act of meeting the needs of all those who use the spaces.

Needless to say, we have seen several informative signs along the way. As well as some where we’re not certain the sign is saying what the writer expected…

In the lead-up to our 10th Anniversary, we have been looking back on some of our favourites!

Fire alarm sign
Photo by Wendrie Heywood

Effectively managing a building is a complex task. Whilst we strive to achieve functional and tranquil spaces we must also consider those that will be using the building. Health and safety is paramount. To ensure and safe and enjoyable experience is had by all, it is important to signpost.

Clear signage – including photos of what’s in the cupboards means you are empowering others, and reducing the number of times people have to ask questions. As well as reducing the number of times your staff or volunteers have to answer questions…

Entering a building for the first time can be a very different experience from one that you know inside out. Whilst we advocate clear signposting, care should be taken not to unnecessarily clutter a space. People will stop perceiving individual signs and instead just see a cluster of overwhelming information, which isn’t what you’re hoping for!

Walk around and sense check, ask others to do the same when you consider your signage.

Always follow the health and safety guidelines, however, think about the following when considering adding additional signage:

  • Is there a safety issue?
  • Will the sign add to the usability of the building?
  • Is the sign providing the most up-to-date information?
  • Is the sign visible?
  • Does the sign communicate the right message?
  • Is the language clear and easy to understand?
  • Produce a sign with easy-to-read colours and fonts. 
  • Ultimately, is the sign necessary?

Remember an out of date or tatty looking sign doesn’t help with making people feel welcome. So ensure that signage is reviewed regularly and updated as necessary.

If you would like advice on managing a building to increase revenue or make a space functional for your attendees – why not get in touch.
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