Quaker A-Z: S is for Silence and Spirit-led

the word silence
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S is for silence

Which is oh so very useful.


S is for Spirit-led

Essential in a Meeting for Worship, Meeting for Worship for Business, or a Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business…

Actually, any sort of meeting would benefit from both of those things.

As well as Silence, the holding of the meeting should encourage a Sound foundation of Stillness, a Single Set agenda with Separate items, Specific reports with Salient points, Spotlighted items that need discernment, and Straight expectations.
S is also for Sirens, Splashy, Slothful, Showy, Sonorous, Strident, Shouting, Squawking, Shots, Shrouded in Secrets and many other words… most of which aren’t so helpful when trying to clerk.
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