Quaker A-Z: S is for Silence and Spirit-led

the word silence
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S is for silence

Which is oh so very useful.


S is for Spirit-led

Essential in a Meeting for Worship, Meeting for Worship for Business, or a Meeting for Worship with a Concern for Business…

Actually, any sort of meeting would benefit from both of those things.

As well as Silence, the holding of the meeting should encourage a Sound foundation of Stillness, a Single Set agenda with Separate items, Specific reports with Salient points, Spotlighted items that need discernment, and Straight expectations.
S is also for Sirens, Splashy, Slothful, Showy, Sonorous, Strident, Shouting, Squawking, Shots, Shrouded in Secrets and many other words… most of which aren’t so helpful when trying to clerk.
Wendrie Heywood

Wendrie Heywood

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