10th Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Cakes

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Muswell Hill (where MBS started) turned 100 in 2010 – and one of the ways we celebrated was to have a table full of cakes. Ten cakes, each the cook’s favourite, baked to a standard size.

That inspired this post – and while I can’t offer you a slice of their favourites, we’d love to hear what your favourite cake is.

Perhaps by the time MBS turns 100, we’ll be able to serve cake through a computer screen…

muffins in colourful cases, cups of tea and paperwork on a table.
MBS meetings often have cake or muffins - to help us concentrate!

MBS team favourites...

Vin loves a good strong cup of tea to go alongside his cake. Coffee and walnut is usually a favourite here but for the 10th Anniversary he decided to go for pie. Cherry pie!

Lee likes baking, viewing it as edible chemistry and enjoys trying to hide more vegetables in almost everything ne makes.

So, Lee’s party choice is for not too sweet carrot cake cupcakes with a tangy icing.

Emma says that if she had all types of cake to choose from she tends to go for carrot cake as she has it very rarely.


Thankfully Lee will share nirs cupcakes!

Emma Milton
Georgie Rowland

Georgie said that almost all cakes were a winner!

However, lemon drizzle was a favourite as she loves lemon.

Matthew HeywoodMatthew’s favourite is our family’s traditional birthday cake.

A triple German chocolate layered cake, with chocolate fudge frosting between each layer and of course all over the cake.

Served with cream or vanilla ice cream.

Karen informs us that her favourite type of cake is,  CHOCOLATE!

Other flavours are also good.’

So hopefully she’ll enjoy the virtual variety we have available.

Black Forest Cake

Marie says her favourite cake at parties was always Black Forest gateaux.

Another happy to find chocolate on the cake table!

Gemma only started liking cake during pregnancy and it stuck! 

Whilst she would usually opt for a carrot cake or lemon drizzle, she is also partial to homemade crispy cakes made with Mars bars! 

This is a firm baking favourite of her three daughters. 

Gemma White
Wendrie Heywood

Like Matthew, I am a huge fan of the triple German layer cake.

We have some strong choices lined up for our anniversary party!

What’s your favourite cake?


What would you be happy to see on our virtual celebratory table?
(Why not share with us by leaving us a comment…)
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