Quaker A-Z: Q is for Quiet not Querulous

Don't be afraid to stop and ask for quiet!

A bit of quiet time goes further than you think. This could be to support the clerks as they try to write a minute, to give more time between contributions, or just because things have been a bit fraught and everyone should try to centre down and remember they’re in a meeting for worship and not a debating chamber.

Elders can help by reminding people so you don’t have to. Or if people are waiting for you to draft a minute – take as long as you need before putting your head up and addressing the meeting.

someone holding a finger in front of their lips 'shhh'
Querulous – the opposite of quiet, but Quakers can occasionally be this as well….

The quiet can allow for thoughtful discernment, time for the previous contribution to settle and be considered – and of course for the spirit to move and be heard.

Of course some people are quiet because they’re feeling talked over or ignored, and are unhappy. We’ll talk about that issue in our next instalment.

Quaker Quiet is something that fascinates people who run meetings.

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