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Running a charity is complicated. Our services give you the knowledge and support you need, to simplify, systemise and organise…So you can get back to doing good.

MBS has a fantastic team of associates specialising in Charity Administration, Financial Management and Training and Mentoring. The expertise does not stop here, we also have a wonderful support team here to help out with an array of tasks!

In the run-up to our 10th Anniversary, we thought it would be fun to introduce you to the real Managers and Supervisors at MBS…

Meet Dexter and Puddley from our Operations Team. This awesome twosome is committed to planning and supervising our workflow to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Puddley gets frustrated with Dexter as she feels he takes too many rest breaks. Puddley is passionate about maximising productivity at MBS and is not shy about voicing her concerns! It is usually Fiona – from the Finance & Admin Team – who takes the brunt of her complaints. 

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Meet Pearly Bird, our Wellbeing Manager. Pearly Bird is responsible for uplifting the team with a tune or two. She likes to join Gemma during the working day, has a motivational chat and ensures that she is striking a good work-life balance. 

As well as looking out for our wellbeing, , Pearly Bird has a meticulous eye for detail. She is often drafted in to support with editing tasks. 


Emma coordinates our Admin and Finance Sales Managers, they can often be spotted grazing on the Farm pondering strategy. 

Physically getting them to the company away day is somewhat of a challenge, however, well worth the effort as they always bring the most wonderful cream cakes!

Emmas Cows
Photo by Emma Milton
Dolly Dog
Dolly Dog

Meet Dolly our Catering Manager. Dolly ensures that we are well-fed and hydrated during the working day. 

No meeting is without coffee and cake when Dolly is on shift!

The Executive Team


Meet the Executive Team:

  • Chief Finance Officer
  • Chief Shredding Officer

A very hands on team, that keep us all firmly on track with the important matters of the day. 

Teamwork is a core value at MBS. Each member of the team works together to support our clients. We have been so privileged over the past 10 years to work with so many wonderful charity organisations. 

Can you tell us about one of your organisation’s core values and how your team adopts this value on a day-to-day basis?

(Leave us a comment below).

Join us...

On Wednesday 6th September we are hosting a special #MBS:C training webinar Valuing Volunteers.

Volunteers are at the heart of most charity organisations around the world. Effectively communicating with, and nurturing our valued volunteers contributes to the success of the organisation overall. 

We believe that given the right training and tools, volunteers can elevate the values of the organisation given their passion for the cause. Our volunteer courses aim to better equip organisations in the following areas:

  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Policy & Safeguarding
  • Volunteer Motivation
  • Managing Volunteers

Book your FREE ticket and gain insight from our Volunteer Expert – Karen Fishwick. 

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