AdventWord 2022: Choose

Choose to be kind...

There are many things in life we can’t change, but everything else is something we choose

Sometimes it is hard to know which elements are a choice and which are the only realistic path and so not really a choice at all. Often we look at others and assume they have chosen rather than being forced by circumstances. 

We cannot choose our health, our race, our gender, sexuality or, often, our economic circumstances. We can choose how we express those things and whether we admit them to ourselves or others. 

I can choose to recognise the choices that we do have and to understand that others may have different options or no choice at all. Also, I can choose to empathise with others and to give the benefit of the doubt. If you cannot understand why someone would make a particular choice, then it is worth considering that they did not have better options. 

Life is hard at times, but we can all make it a little easier for others if we choose to be kind.

Be Kind Slogan
Photo by Adam Nemeroff
Karen Fishwick

Karen Fishwick

MBS Education Team

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