AdventWord 2022: Obedience

I think I have wasted a great deal of my life waiting to be called to some great mission which would change the world. I have looked for important social movements. I have wanted to make a big and important contribution to the causes I believe in. I think I have been too ready to reject the genuine leadings I have been given as being matters of little consequence. It has taken me a long time to learn that obedience means doing what we are called to do even if it seems pointless or unimportant or even silly. The great social movements of our time may well be part of our calling. The ideals of peace and justice and equality which are part of our religious tradition are often the focus of debate. But we cannot simply immerse ourselves in these activities. We need to develop our own unique social witness, in obedience to God. We need to listen to the gentle whispers which will tell us how we can bring our lives into greater harmony with heaven.

Living Obediently...

The idea that doing what you feel called to do, even when that seems silly or unimportant is hard for me. I like to have reasons and schedules…

Then in The Bible Project podcast “Sacred Time & Feasts” Tim said something that made me reconsider how I viewed this.

‘Tim: Fasting and at least some kind of rhythm of rest – inconvenient rest. I think the idea is through these practices, if I’ve built into my life the habit of being inconvenienced when I do it to myself, when somebody else wrongs or inconveniences me, it doesn’t hurt quite as bad.’

Now, I remind myself that living obediently shapes me to live in harmony – and that may indeed be inconvenient, but is good for me, but is usually convenient for someone else!

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Wendrie Heywood

Wendrie Heywood


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