AdventWord 2022: Rain

Rain drops o holly
Alistair Macrobert

"A sudden concentration of attention on a rainy August morning. Clusters of bright red berries, some wrinkled, some blemished, others perfect, hanging among green leaves. The experience could not have lasted more than a few seconds, but that was a moment out of time. I was caught up in what I saw: I became a part of it: the berries, the leaves, the raindrops and I, we were all of a piece. A moment of beauty and harmony and meaning. A moment of understanding."

I like rain for many reasons. As a gardener and natural scientist I’m grateful for the watering of plants and the refilling of aquifers. I like listening to the sounds it makes against the windows when I’m inside – preferably with a cup of coffee and a good book. 

However, I also love going out afterwards, walking through a brighter world now that the sun has reappeared, breathing in the petrichor and ozone. 

Somehow, knowing the rain has gone acts as an invitation to get outside.

Puddles are a place of fascination, especially whenever I’m walking with smaller people. I find they’re equally fascinated by raindrops on berries, or bejewelled spider webs, or whatever we discover as we venture outside to explore.

I try to keep that state of curiosity and open-mindedness during walks. It slows me down, but brings me such beauty and joy. Always grateful for the excuse to not just rush onward to the next thing.

Red Berries & Rain
Heather Wilde
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Wendrie Heywood


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