AdventWord 2022: Welcome

The word derives from the old English term ‘wilcuma’. This literally translates to a welcome guest. One who’s coming suits another’s will or wish. This is often a term of endearment when greeting others. 

As we move through #Advent and before we draw a close to 2022, the whole team at #MBS would like to say welcome! Welcome to our new clients, to new colleagues and to the prospect of a new exciting year of support and friendship. 

Above all, from making a process work to exceeding goals, each step of any journey requires commitment and teamwork as a foundation.  As individuals, we have our own job roles or niche’, however, I believe success is not realised without the team cogs slotting together. 

For me, one of the best things about being part of the MBS team is the value placed on onboarding and teamwork.

Welcome friends

New members of the team are greeted with warmth and encouragement. Internally we encourage each other to be creative, share new ideas and be objective. Externally there is also a great emphasis on welcoming new clients. Spending time to truly understand a brief and support our extended client teams to reach goals. The welcome is such an important part of building trust and ultimately sharing the same definition of success. As a result of these strong partnerships, many of our guests become friends. 

With the imminent launch of the MBS Online Classroom, 2022 has been an exciting year for us. After our festive pause, we are looking forward to welcoming what the new year has to bring. 

What are you looking forward to welcoming in 2023?

Gemma White

Gemma White

MBS Personal Assistant

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