AdventWord 2022: Unity

Unity slogan
Garry Butterfield

Unity does not mean “uniform” or “un-individual”. We only have to look around us to see that we live in a vibrant, thriving, ever-changing world.

Living in harmony does not require us to agree on everything; a thriving vibrant community will be made up of members who have as many opinions as there are notes in a complicated musical chord – or orchestral score!

“In all our meetings for church affairs, we need to listen together to the Holy Spirit. We are not seeking a consensus; we are seeking the will of G-d. The unity of the meeting lies more in the unity of the search than in the decision which is reached. We must not be distressed if our listening involves waiting, perhaps in confusion, until we feel clear what G-d wants done. ”

But we must agree on our purpose in life – to work together for G-d (or to make the world a more equitable, peaceful, and just place, if you’re not comfortable with G-d words). Our outward expression of harmony will reflect our inward harmony of purpose.

Living in unity can look like agreeing on rules for the group and boundaries that you enforce for yourself. It can also look like stepping back and allowing decisions to be made where you can see that it’s the right thing to do/decide for the community. Even if it’s not what you’d like to have happen.

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Wendrie Heywood


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