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Charity Administration - Creating signs

As a charity, there are many occasions where you might need to create a sign. In semiotics, a sign is anything that communicates meaning. There are many different types of signs, you may need to create one, to inform, warn, instruct or promote. Whatever the reason there are a few things to consider when putting pen to paper. 

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Think about the meaning or message that you need to communicate and keep in mind the audience that you wish to reach. Keep any text simple, cut the jargon and write in plain English. Try to avoid fonts that are difficult to read. Use only relevant imagery that supports the message you are sending out. Adding colour can draw attention to areas that you want to highlight.

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Make it eye-catching. The purpose of your sign should be instantly recognisable. Ensure that any images you use have the appropriate copyright. Websites such as Unsplash and Pixabay offer free stock images that you can download and attribute to the creator. (Take time to read the terms of use). Less is more! Do not over-clutter your sign. Get creative, unique designs can make a message pop. 


If you choose to use a computer to digitally create your sign there are a number of great software tools that you can use to design your sign. You could use either Word or PowerPoint in Microsoft office. It has several design features and fonts as part of the standard package. You can choose from hundreds of fonts, colours and images to create your sign. If you would like to create a sign that has a more professional feel, check out Canva or Fotor. These are online graphic design tools that are free to download. They have an extensive library of tutorial videos to get you started. You need not be an expert to create high-quality signage!

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